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NyRee Ausler is an American novelist born in San Bernardino, California but was raised and resides in Seattle, WA.  NyRee is an ambitious self-published author with her first three releases, of the urban fiction genre. Without reserve and with great enthusiasm, NyRee released her first novel, “Retribution: What Goes Around…” on October 1st 2016, while working as a professional within Human Resources.  That was followed by the sequel, “Retribution: … Comes Around” on April 15, 2017 and “Retribution: Full Circle in December 2017. Her next release, a standalone novel is scheduled to drop in December 2018.

A passionate writer with a keen eye for detail and a natural curiosity, she is a mother of five young men, a sister to five brothers, a daughter, a wife, a career woman, an entrepreneur, a business partner and a student of life! Through all of her life experiences, both positive and negative – NyRee exemplifies growth.

To many she is known as that resourceful, insightful woman, and great thinker. Through her writing she desires to share and build the reader’s mind, imagination and allow discovery of new things. Described as an eloquent story teller with a relentless dedication to executing whatever she puts her mind to, she has already become an Amazon bestseller and favorite!

In between projects she is building on her experiences and enjoying her children, husband and family life.  She also runs an insightful and entertaining blog for up and coming authors called theplottingpenstress.com.  Readers can find information on her book catalog, upcoming releases, events and reviews from other readers here.

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