NyRee Ausler is a novelist, born in San Bernardino, California but was raised and resides in Seattle, WA.  NyRee is an ambitious self-published author with four releases, Retribution, What Goes Around (2016), Retribution, Comes Around (2017), Retribution, Full Circle (2017) and Black in Blue (2018).

A passionate writer with a keen eye for detail and a natural curiosity, NyRee desires to build the reader’s mind, imagination and allow discovery of new things. Described as an eloquent storyteller with a relentless dedication to executing whatever she puts her mind to, she has already become an Amazon bestseller and a local favorite!

NyRee is currently working on her fifth novel, a thriller and a dramatic fiction story, expected to be released in late 2019. When she is not writing, she is enjoying her five sons, husband of nine years and family life.

Through all experiences, both positive and negative, she strives to find the lesson and use it to help and inspire others.

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