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12 Signs You Know How To ‘Keep It Real’ & People Trust You

It’s hard to find people who are authentic and genuine with their intentions. The worst feeling in the world is learning that the people you trust are two-faced backstabbers.

You might hear people claim to be ‘keeping it real’ when they are delivering hurtful information or when called out for being mean-spirited.

But in those cases, they are using the term as an excuse for toxic or destructive behavior. So, what does ‘keep it real’ mean and how do you know if you are the credible person you claim to be.

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12 Signs You Know How To Keep It Real:

There are telltale signs that you are a person who knows how to keep it real. If you happen to have all of these traits, you are a tried and true individual who people can trust and believe.

1.      You don’t force yourself on other people.

You are who you are. You know that not everyone will vibe with you and are completely comfortable with that.

People who are genuine are aware that they will connect with some people and pass on others. If you are the same person no matter who is watching, you definitely keep it real.

2.      You don’t judge others.

You are open-minded and understand that everyone has their own unique perspective. If someone’s opinions don’t align with yours, you can agree to disagree.

Your ability to avoid prejudging others makes people comfortable and relaxed in your presence. They find you approachable and interesting.

3.      You carve out your own lane.

People who keep it real know who that are and what they want out of life. You are clear on your goals and know what it takes to get there.

Authentic people are not susceptible to influence from others. They are leaders who are not afraid to do things their own way,

4.      You are generous.

Generosity is one of the characteristics of those who keep it real. Instead of high sighting on other people, you share resources and beneficial information.

Selfish people have more than enough but hold onto extras because they have a scarcity mindset. People who keep it real believe in abundance and know there is more than enough to go around.

5.      You are unmoved by material things.

Authentic and trustworthy people understand that life is more about what’s in you than what’s on you.

They place value on the things that matter like quality relationships, stability, peace, and harmony.

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6.      You can be trusted.

Most of us hate when people don’t keep it real. You share your deepest, darkest secrets with them and they go running their mouth to anyone who will listen.

If people can trust you to maintain confidence and do exactly what you said you would do, you are reliable and trustworthy.

7.      You don’t take things personally.

You never jump to conclusions or assume the worst of people. You let all of the facts come out before passing judgment.

People who keep it real understand that when people do hurtful things, it’s likely a reflection of them and how they feel about their life than it is about you.

8.      You are not a clout chaser.

Nothing is worse than a friend or family member that has to memorialize every memory you make on social media. They need everyone to know that life is good.

People who keep it real know that there are some moments that are so special, they should be kept private. They have no need to prove their importance to the masses.

9.      You treat everyone with respect and dignity.

People who are known to keep it real don’t consider status or station in life when determining who deserves their respect.

They treat everyone as human beings, deserving of dignity, empathy, and the right to exist just as they are.

10.  You practice what you preach.

You say what you mean and mean what you say. You have never subscribed to the ‘do as I say, not what I do’ way of thinking.

People that keep it real lead by example, showing others how to be honest and truthful and to give what they expect to receive.

11.  You don’t brag or boast.

Your gifts and good fortune are blessings given to you for living a life of authenticity. They say, ‘easy come, easy go’ and you strongly agree. You don’t make decisions based on your ego.

People who believe in karma don’t brag on their successes or superficial trappings. They know that there is a thin line between the haves and have nots and understand life’s ebbs and flows.

12.  You set healthy boundaries and stick to them.

Setting parameters around how you expect to be addressed and treated is the best way to keep it real with yourself.

The most important person to be true to is you. If you can’t be faithful to yourself, there is a 100% possibility you will never be real with others.

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NyRee Ausler is a writer and author from Seattle, Washington. Her background is in Human Resources and she writes about women in the workplace and self-help.

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