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Retribution: What Goes Around…

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Asaya Buchanan is the girl next door; smart, talented and beautiful. She married her first love, had a son and has the type of lifestyle every girl dreams of.But everything that glitters ain’t gold.

Asaya soon realizes that her husband, James is not the one-woman man she thought he was. Her childhood friend, Rey, may be exactly what she needs for a fresh start.When the circumstances push her back against the wall, she has no choice but to come out swinging. Asaya makes a move that will leave her family and friends in disbelief!

In this tale of love, betrayal and murder, only the strong will survive. When the smoke clears you will be astonished at who is left standing.

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RETRIBUTION: … Comes Around

Read RETRIBUTION: … Comes Around

After a tragic end to a toxic love triangle, Asaya and James Buchanan have gotten their marriage back on track. Their love life is everything she ever wanted it to be.

The Buchanans were sure they had seen the last of Rey Lucas. But everything isn’t always what it seems. When Rey steps back onto the scene, he’s determined to make sure that Asaya and James’ marital bliss doesn’t last long.

If Part One of Retribution left you shocked, you will be stunned at the ups and downs that Asaya, James and Rey encounter all in the name of love.


Read RETRIBUTION: Full Circle

Asaya has finally found a good man and settled into a normal life… or at least it looks that way.

But everything is not what it seems and every demon from Asaya’s past has decided to jump out of the shadows. In this ongoing war, will she be able to outsmart her enemies and survive once again?

In this series finale we find out whether or not Asaya will finally get her happily ever after.

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Chance Carrington would do anything to finally gain his father’s acceptance. When he has the opportunity to become Assistant Chief of Police, his dreams are about to come true. But being a black officer comes with its fair share of challenges. The rogue actions of his colleagues and the hurtful backlash from his family, friends and community turn his world upside down.

April Story has never been one to go away quietly. The top prosecuting attorney in the state, she has found her passion and focused her efforts on bringing corrupt cops to justice. Falling in love with Chance Carrington throws a wrench in her ambitious goals. When the police department and the community erupt over officer-involved shootings, April finds herself between a rock and a hard place.

This scandalous tale of crime and corruption will keep you on the edge of your seat. When love, lives and careers are on the line, how far will Chance and April be willing to go to save theirs?